It’s National Infertility Awareness Week. Here’s what that means to me, a person diagnosed with infertility.

Hi, it’s me, about to get probed with an ultrasound wand!

How the path to having kids led us to IVF, the perfect dog, a thousand lessons in patience, and the making of a video game and graphic novel about a bunny airplane pilot who never gives up

A story about books, Barnes & Noble, fear of failure, and a very name-droppy special guest appearance

Want to be more like this lady? Of course you do. Get your shit together.

You’re disgusting, and everyone else on the Internet is perfect. Isn’t it time you shape up???

  1. Social media. Pull your eyes away from that tiny little screen for A SECOND and take in the majesty of life that surrounds you! Look at that woman sitting across from you on the train. Just LOOK AT HER. She contain multitudes underneath her three scarves, right behind her vacant…

Megan Bungeroth

Essay writer, magazine editor, cheese lover, procrastinator. I believe personal stories matter in the world.

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